Xander's Pirate Crew
Xander's Pirate Crew
IT04 Level One
Thumbnail for Mojave Saltsong IT04
Helps wherever needed
Adult cream roan brick male tsabhua with impala, point, and sable.
LT12 Level One
Thumbnail for Xander, Scourge of the Spore Sea LT12
Pirate and Merchant of (stolen) Goods
Adult creampearl blanket appaloosa blackberry male belemoid with sable and dapple.
Carries: Heartfire
0837 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Khinra Twinblades 0837
hotheaded pirate lass
Whelp slate tinted silver female tsabhua with dun, nyala, point, sable, and underbelly.
Carries: Pearl and heartfire
0825 Level One
Thumbnail for Njall the Weathered 0825
Adult creampearl black male tsabhua with dun, impala, sabino, sable, and underbelly.
Carries: Countershading and heartfire
0831 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Té Alvuin the Vampire 0831
Whelp cream leucistic male belemoid with underbelly and mask.
Carries: Countershading, viper, and marozi
0847 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Kholchu Bloodweaver 0847
Healer on Xander's Ship
Whelp blackberry female belemoid with blanket.
Carries: Countershading and artifice
0845 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Flotsam Sharkbait 0845
Whelp beige male belemoid with stripe, saddle, blanket, and marozi.
Carries: Countershading
0723 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Selkie, Daughter of the Waves 0723
apt swimmer
Whelp russian female belemoid with countershading and dapple.
0098 Level One
Thumbnail for Fallow Nightshade 0098
Adult cream redcurrant male belemoid with point, choker, mask, and reversed marozi.
Carries: Dapple
0104 Level One
Thumbnail for Lucky Warmtum 0104
big hearted cook
Adult cream redcurrant female belemoid with choker, dapple, and reversed marozi.