Visual Guide: Characters

Editing a colonist's name

*NOTE: MYO/Geno colonists cannot have their names changed, as their names store important information about their identity. Once they are designed and approved, you will be able to use this guide to edit their name.

To edit a colonist's name, you must click "Edit profile."

There, you will be able to change the name, the short descriptor that shows up on your colony page (user profile) and add your own profile text and decorations for the Profile page.

To be clear, the profile page is not the info page, it's in the tab called 'profile' to the left of the main colonist page.


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Stat Pools


Every colony's first colonist is given a stat pool upon creation. This also is the case for old colonists brought over from the original Sheets masterlist.

RNG colonists and whelps born into the game have their stats randomized. In order to see the stat pool, open the "Credits" Tab.

You can see below what you can do with the stat pool!

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Design/MYO Updates

If you have a MYO slot, also known as a geno, you will need to submit a "MYO DESIGN" via the character's page sidebar, before you can begin earning levels for the character. If you attempt to include the colonist in a Submission (either via a Claim or a Prompt,) you will not be able to find the geno in the list.


The next page you see will be this. It'll be a bit different if you're updating an existing design, but the idea is the same. Hit "Create Request."


The request has been created but is currently a draft. You will have to go through every one of the tabs below (Comments, Masterlist Image, etc) and submit each to be able to submit the final request to the admins to approve.


On that first Comments tab, you can leave it blank if you don't need anything special for the colonist. If it is a RNG rolled colonist with a stat pool instead of distributed stats, you'll need to break down the six stats from that stat pool. If you count the following breakdown, you'll see that we included the +1 CON in, so the total is 50 stats. Make sure you do this or otherwise indicate in some way that you haven't - otherwise we might miss it when we approve and set up the stats!

Also, make sure you save the page and the X in the tab is replaced with a green check or circle.


The next page is important. This will be your design, which of course you'll need to make in accordance with the design guide. We don't have any required backgrounds except for Natives currently, so feel free to use your own backgrounds, so long as you have permission to use them! The file has to be below 1 MB in size otherwise the site will complain and make you redo the image.

Note: There's currently a bug that if you select 2+ images, the Image Cropper will have multiple images visible and croppable. The last one should be the one to save, but it can be pretty confusing so try to select the first one in your first go or refresh/switch tabs if you need to clear them to retry.


If you have an item that you want to use to affect the design update in some way (such as an item that permits design changes or adds a mutation) you'll need to add it on the Add-Ons tab. As it states, the item will be removed from your inventory but should be returned if the draft is rejected. So don't willy-nilly add stuff!

Just hit save on the Traits tab, unless you had an item that added a specific mutation or you want to add a free defect such as Blind or Deaf.

If you've saved all tabs, there should be a check next to status! Head on over to that tab and hit Submit Request. Then you can sit back and relax - it's up to us admins to handle it from there!


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Colonist's Bank

Specific colonist attributes are kept in the colonist's bank. These include: Levels, Health, Breeding Slots,and bonuses to Skills. The standard colonist's bank should look something like this (image), if it's set up properly. Skill bonuses are given as special rewards. Most colonists will not have skill bonuses and no genos will have a bank attached.

If you have a designed colonist that doesn't have one (or any) of these three currencies, you should submit a claim and attach the colonist in question with the currencies it should have. In the comments section of the claim, explain the reason for the Claim.

If you had a colony on the original Sheets masterlist, you should link to your Sheets colony.

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Colonist's Inventory

The colonist inventory is a very new addition to the website. If you have an item in your bank that can be attached to a character (such as a weapon or companion,) you can select it here to have it attached to your character. Uses for this will be developed in the future.

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