Required Research: Breeding Permit

The Department of Protected Inhabited Planets is especially excited about colonies breeding their colonists! This ensures that the species on Xiunus will continue to grow and flourish, even as the planet becomes more and more occupied by colonies. They note that all known species have differences in litter sizes and breeding capabilities, so they recommend to be careful in your breeding habits, as an overeager breeder may introduce negative traits into the breeding pool.

The Poster
The person posting the Prompt must have ownership of the female's breeding slot.
The poster's colony must have the Breeding Permit research unlocked.
Any applied research must belong to the poster.
Colonists cannot breed if they:
are infertile
have health at 50% or below
are currently frozen in an invasion
are under level one
have run out of breeding slots
have no adult reference
are hospitalized or injured
are in the cooldown period (one week for males, two weeks for females)
Stat Loss
Stat Loss occurs when some stats of parents don't get passed on to the offspring.
Leveling up causes stat loss percentage to lower, meaning offspring will inherit more stats from their parents.
— Breedings between Level Ones have a stat loss of about 25%.
— Breedings with at least one Level Two have a stat loss of about 20%.
Low Health
Dams with less than 75% HP may have decreased litter sizes or weaker whelps.
Dams with less than 50% HP will have empty litters and may be injured.
Low Constitution
Dams with constitution of 5 or under may bear dead or defective whelps.
If a whelp is born with a constitution of 3 or under, it will not survive.
Low Constitution
Dams with constitution of 5 or under may bear dead or defective whelps.
Dams with constitution of 5 or under may become Injured from a breeding, even if it is successful.
If a whelp is born with a constitution of 3 or under, it will not survive.
If a breeding includes inbreeding, it increases the chances of mutations.
It also increases the chances of dead whelps or birth defects.
Litter Count Statistics
Base Offspring Quantity
Any breeding between two Level One colonists can result in an empty litter.
Tsabhua — Up to THREE whelps.
Belemoid — Up to THREE whelps.
Tark'ee — Up to TWO whelps.
Modifiers to Offspring Quantity
  ONE Level Two+ — At least ONE whelp.
  TWO Level Two+ — At least ONE whelp. Potentially ONE additional whelp.
  Coming Soon: MARRIED PAIRING — Potentially ONE additional whelp. Stacks with above.
  Coming Soon: INFIDELITY — ONE FEWER maximum whelp count, reduces minimum to 0.
Example breakdown
For instance, if a married tark'ee mates with someone outside of their union, but they're both level two, this is the breakdown:
Base — ZERO to TWO
  Level Two — ONE to THREE
  Infidelity — ZERO to TWO
The Process
The dam and sire are at least level one.
The dam and sire are both healthy and have available breeding slots.
The dam and sire have approved adult references.
The breeding slots are appropriately assigned (permissions given to the posting party if it's not an in-house breeding.)
If the dam doesn't belong to the posting party, a Nurse must be selected from the posting party's female colonists.
— With the "Baby Formula" Research, you may select any adult colonists from the posting party's colonists.
The owner of the dam's slot must submit a New Breeding.
Upon submitting, the litter will be rolled immediately.
For splits, at least one whelp must be assigned to each split partner - so long as there are enough rolled whelps to go to everyone involved.
You may then select for each whelp whether they will be Weaned, Abandoned, or Culled. Weaned — To wean a whelp, you must select and upload an image for it and select any applicable research. Once approved by admins, they will immediately be created into a full Colonist for you to begin playing. Abandoned — Abandoned whelps are sent to the Immigration account as genos and you will automatically be granted the applicable number of Immigration Vouchers. If you wish to abandon a whelp but include a design for the extra Voucher, you may Wean it and donate it the same way as you would donate any other colonist to the Immigration Center. Make sure the background is transparent. Culled — Culled whelps are deceased by choice.You may use a special potion to bring the whelp back, but it may come with unintented side effects!