Custom Line-art


On Xiunus, we allow the use of custom line-art. In order to do this and fit into our site parameters, we have some guidelines for this!

Some things should be considered when making custom line-art or editing our official lines for colonists or public use. Small accessories are fine, but large items of clothing or things that cover most of the design are not, without use of custom items.


Make sure that anatomy makes sense for the species. If you look at it and wonder, "could this be a new (or different) subspecies?" then you might have made it too different from the base species or subspecies you're going for. They don't necessarily need to look like the same style as the official lines, but they shouldn't look so different that they aren't recognizable at a glance.

Also, make sure that parts of the anatomy are up to current standards. Especially for tsabhua, there were old design standards during the early days that some older manuscripts may reflect, such as teeny tiny forelimbs. This is not the current standard! Any tsabhua with short arms will be given the birth defect "short arms."


Transparent images are now required on Xiunus to allow for use of the background items, available both for free and for in-game and premium currency.

Padding and Size

In order for the Xunari to fit properly on their background, they must fit into the right ratio and have the correct general padding around them. The dimensions of the backgrounds are 1830px by 1200px, so character images should be that size too, or at least scalable to that (with preference to a bit smaller.)

If you are concerned about your custom lines being too high, too low, or too big/small, compare them to the official lines.

Modifying Official Lines

You are welcome to modify official line-art within reason, especially to offer free mutation edits to the general Xiunus public! Feel free to communicate with Xiunus staff if you're doing this, to ensure edits are allowed. For instance, most edits to a tsabhua's mane may be fine, but some may fall into Mohawk or Mane mutation territory.


While not required, these are a nice touch. Official line-art cast shadows are black at about 50% opacity, with some blurring and erasing to make it look good. These should be fairly soft-edged.