Submissions and You

New Player Guide Series: SIX

Submissions on Xiunus can be accessed by hitting "Play" on the navigation bar and then clicking on "Submit".


Submissions are different from Gallery Submissions.

Gallery submissions or Gallery posts are images and literature uploaded directly onto the site, versus uploaded onto DeviantArt or Toyhouse. Just submitting your art or literature onto the site doesn't mean you'll get XP or RP — you will need to submit a Submission with the rewards listed in order to get XP, research points, etc!


Prompts can be found by clicking "Play" in the navbar and clicking on "All Activities".

Prompts are special options to submit that have categories and specific rules and requirements. For instance, the Category of Story Mode houses all the different prompts relating to story mode, while the C1 - Arrival [A1 - A3] prompt is specifically used to begin your story mode experience!

Most prompts have requirements for what needs to be included: Word counts for literature entries and specific art bits for Art entries. If you don't have enough for the prompt in question, we will let you know and you can resubmit after fixing the piece.

Categories — Actions, Specialization, Events, Story Mode, The Six Crucibles, Worldbuilding, and Archive

The parts of the submission

URL or Title* — The URL is pretty straightforward - use the URL of your art or literature post! If you choose a "Gallery Post" below and don't set a title, it'll automatically grab the title from the gallery post.

Gallery Post — If you used our Gallery system to upload your piece, select it from here! You will currently need to wait for it to be approved, though in the future it will be adjusted to allow your own pending gallery posts to be selected.

Comments — The comments section is where to include any of the following:

XP Breakdown — Experience Point breakdown is required for each colonist present. The total for each colonist should be counted as the Experience reward for that colonist. If you don't include a colonist, we may easily miss it and presume that a depicted creature is a NPC you included for flavour.
Research Point Breakdown — If you are the creator of a piece or contributed towards the creation of it, you earn Research Points. These are equal to the Experience earned, prior to any special prompt bonuses. If the work was made by someone who is not a member of Xiunus, you may earn only half the RP rounded down, and only if they give written permission.
Bonuses/Modifiers — You should make sure to mention any bonuses or modifiers, such as equipment that allows more rolls in activities or the Benefit of Age, detailed on the Research Points page.

Observations are only for two colonists per colony per submission. In order to be eligible, your colony must live in the location the art or literature takes place in - unless you have the Disguise Kit research, where that restriction doesn't apply!  You must always include the region, however, for both the correct regional experience bonus and Observations.

Colony Rewards — That first Rewards section is specifically used for User/Colony rewards!

That generally will be any Research Points you've earned from writing or drawing the piece. If you earn anything randomized, such as items from Actions like Foraging or from Observations the staff member approving your piece will add that. However, if the prompt lists some Default Prompt Rewards, as some do, don't double up on those! It'll get added in automatically.

Note: Only the artist/writer of a piece earns Research Points for their work! This is to reward people for putting in the effort of actually creating a piece. If you commissioned/traded for art or lit from someone who isn't part of the game and they don't intend on joining, ask them to state so and you'll be able to earn HALF (rounded down) of the allotted RP. If they ever decide to join, they'll be able to claim for the other half.

Hit "Add Reward" and select "Currency" and the specific currency you need. Then, put in the number amount you're earning!

*Note that you'll still need to explain the breakdown of RP and XP in your comments, to speed up the approval process and make sure there's no confusion!


Colonist Rewards — Below colony rewards, you'll see a button that says "Add Colonist." If you hit that, you'll see a form block appear, asking for a colonist code. That is the Slug or Id of your colonist! For example, Cepheus's code is 0001 - you see that in his url. Note that colonists with "myo" in their url (aka, genos) can't receive XP or other rewards until they're approved as full colonists via the geno design request!


Just like with colony rewards, you'll see an "Add Reward" button. Usually, you will select "Health/Experience" and input the amount of XP or Experience your colonist has earned in this piece. This is the same part of the form that admin-side, we input Loot Tables that randomize rewards for colonists. For these rewards, if the items or currency are user-held only, they will be sent to the user who owns the colonist, not the submitter for the activity.

Focus Colonists are special to each prompt. Some prompts have all acting colonists as focus colonists, so that it will automatically apply their reward loot tables (such as foraging results, etc) while others may have specific individuals, such as only an Injured colonist in the Tending an Injury prompt. 

Add-Ons — If for whatever reason you're including items, you'll need to select them from either your Inventory or your Bank below. This is the case in Investigation prompts. Hit "Show" next to Your Inventory and hit the check box next to whichever item you're using! If they're specific to any particular colonist, you'll need to make note of it in the Comments so we can handle it appropriately.


Collaborations are pieces (art or literature) in which two or three people work on one piece together.

If you're participating in a Collaboration, please pick one of your collaboration partners to actually send in the submission. Ideally, every collaboration member will have at least one colonist present in the piece so that we can easily reward each collaborator, but if that's not the case we ask that the poster be one who doesn't have a colonist in the piece.

The submission must have clear breakdowns for each collaboration partner. RP is halved if the collaboration between two colonies and split in three if it's between three.

Here is a form you may use to make it clear for the moderators what they should be awarding each collaborator.

Collaborating Colony Name:
Role in Collaboration: (optional)
Owned Colonists (if any) present:
RP Breakdown:
RP Bonuses: (includes Research+ and Benefit of Age)
RP Total: (For this collaborator)

Notice that Collabs and the like posted via the Gallery will need all collaborators to approve the piece before admins can even see the gallery posts to approve them. If your piece is taking a long time to be approved, check to make sure your partners have approved their parts!