Forsaken's Hollow's Natives

Level 2 - unsorted
LT08 Level Two
Thumbnail for Ezra the Broken Blade LT08
Forsworn Knight
onyx male belemoid adult with countershading, blanket, and ember.
RT07 Level Two
Thumbnail for Kumos the Ghost of the Hollow RT07
Mute Good Soul
beige female belemoid adult with dun, badger, point, underbelly, and choker.
Xander's Pirate Crew
IT04 Level One
Thumbnail for Mojave Saltsong IT04
Helps wherever needed
cream roan brick male tsabhua adult with impala, point, and sable.
LT12 Level Two
Thumbnail for Xander, Scourge of the Spore Sea LT12
Pirate and Merchant of (stolen) Goods
creampearl blanket appaloosa blackberry male belemoid adult with sable and dapple.
Carries: Heartfire
IT02 Level One
Thumbnail for Mara Hearteater IT02
greying slate female tsabhua adult with impala, underbelly, choker, and mask.