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Gaeron Pass
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Current population: 73
Level Two
Vhostym 0407 of Gaeron Pass Vhostym
Chief Research Officer
Level Two
Bandit 0129 of Gaeron Pass Bandit
Research Coordinator
Level One
Dispatch LT09 of Gaeron Pass Dispatch
Social Responsibility Manager
Level One
Beniir 0625 of Gaeron Pass Beniir
Level One
Haniel 0643 of Gaeron Pass Haniel
Level One
Arkanook 0677 of Gaeron Pass Arkanook


Undesigned genetic scripts
Tark'ee Or...

Charred coral female draconic tark'ee whelp with countershading and banding.

Belemoid O...

Tan female reef belemoid whelp with sable and blanket.

Adult Tsab...

Black male tsabhua adult with okapi.

Gaeron Pass


You step through the large archway of deep red rock above you into the canyon known as Gaeron Pass or the Rift of the Scorching Sands. The large cliffs of mesa rock reach high above, offering some well needed shade from the heat. Past the winding path the first structures of the colony come into sight. Bridges and Platforms climbing along the cliffsides above you. A rather short figure, wearing a wooden mask, approaches you. Welcome to Gaeron Pass.

Rift of the Scorching Sands


Gaeron Pass a relatively new colony located in the canyon of one of the mesa mountains in the south of Issiq. The canyon is also known as the Rift of the Scorching Sands, due to the red stone and sand absorbing a lot of heat from the sun. Entering the canyon one will eventually find the almost rustic outside looking of the colony's structures, ascending the walls of the canyon, connected by platforms and bridges. Contrary to the outside, the inside of these buildings is actually quite modern.

Colonists of Gaeron Pass live in homes up inside the cliffs. Ground level buildings serve as vehicle and supply storage, an inn and the main outpost building, which hosts the research center and community services such as medical assistance.

The Gaeron Pass Research Center is located underground beneath the colony, accessible through a large elevator in the lobby of the main building. Access is highly secured and restricted to authorized personnel only.

Noteable Locations

Location Place Type

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Location Place Type

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Colony Life


The colony of Gaeron Pass is a tight knit community of Xunari that live and work together, providing for each other as best as they can. Friendly rivalri and disputes amongst colonists can occur but they rarely lead to bigger problems between individuals or even groups. The community strives to support each other as best as possible by sharing resources and providing assistance to neighbors if needed.

Ilkyaz, DPIP Researcher

  • More commonly known by their preffered name "Ilka"
  • Agender, they/them. Comes from a race with no sexual dimorphism. Just a friend
  • Didn't really know what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to come to Xiunus but is slowly adapting
  • Introverted, stereotypical nerd tbh. Prefers to do their own thing typically


Overseers #

Ilkyaz, the researcher sent by DPIP is no leader and prefers to focus on their research, handing the coordinative tasks off to a few highly respected colonists. They take on the main tasks of managing and overseeing the colony's status while being in close contact with the researcher.

Security Corps #

Colonists specially trained for defending their home and people from any outside or potential inside threats that might arise. These consists make sure everyone is safe on their expeditions, act as mediators in fights between individuals as well as simply helping out around the colony where they can. They often tag along the Survey Corps on gathering and mining trips to ensure their safety and help with the task at hand.

Survey Corps #

The Survey Corps makes up a large majority of Gaeron Passes inhabitants. These colonists are the ones that handle the majority of resource gathering for the colony by going on foraging and mining trips. Most young Xunari of Gaeron Pass are expected to join one or the other one day. However, the Survey Corps is not only responsible for resources, they also lead small group investigations into any suspicious or strange happenings around the colony.

Support Corps #

Smaller and often overlooked but just as important as the Security and Survey Corps is the Support Corps. Colonists here often fall into one of two categories, those trained in medical assistance and those working to keep the morale of the colony high and everyone in good spirits. Both groups often tag along the Survey Corps either to provide medical aid if needed, motivating the group on especially hard trips or simply lending a helping hand, as most colonists in the Support Corps are also trained for foraging and mining.

Apprentices #

Young colonists that have yet to fully find their place in the colony are communally trained by everyone within the community to give them a wide outlook on the possible tasks that they may perform one day. Although the colony generally subscribes to the practice of sending whelps to other colonies as their natives often do, many young colonists don't feel the strong connection to their native ancestory anymore and instead choose to stay at Gaeron Pass.

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