How To Earn Research Points

Research points [RP/₹] are generated via artwork, literature, and rolls. Usually, research points are about equal to the number of experience points earned in a piece, though there are ways to increase the amount of research one can earn, such as the Research + purchase, which doubles research from a piece, before any event or meme bonuses.

Research points are used to unlock different portions of the game. For instance, you must have a breeding license in order to pair your colonists up selectively to produce offspring - that license costs research points. Another research is required to have random event rolls in regions that aren't your home region.

Earn Research By:

- Gaining XP for colonists (both your own and for other people) via submissions.
- Filling out group memes.
- Receiving them via the Wheel of Mercy.

Research Breakdowns

These are counted in order. AKA, Research+ is applied BEFORE any of the other bonuses, then Benefit of Age, etc.

BASE RP - Equals to the Experience Points amount calculated here for all colonists depicted. Unclaimed natives do not count as colonists.

COLLABORATION - If two or three colonies collaborate for a piece, you will divide by number of Collaborators. Each colony's Research/bonuses applies to their own RP only.

RESEARCH PLUS - Purchaseable Research. Base Research (sans any bonus below) is doubled.

BENEFIT OF AGE - When any Level Two colonist owned by the artist/writer is depicted, double that colonist's RP count

LANDSCAPE ONLY - If no colonists are visible and there is a background of decent effort, +5 ₹. This includes Researcher-only pieces.

COMMUNITY RESOURCE - If the submission is a blank free-use lineart for members to use, +2 to +5 ₹ depending on size/effort.

EVENT BONUS - Variable, usually has image requirements. Standard Seasonal Event Bonus is +5 ₹.

STORYTELLING BONUS - For every 1000 words, add an extra +5 ₹.

COMIC PAGE BONUS - If an art submission is a comic page (with panels relating to one another, maybe dialogue) +5 ₹

ACTION BONUS - If a colonist is performing an Action in your piece, add +2 ₹ per submission. Usually this is automatically added.