INCOMING Development Log from Xione

Release v2.2.2

Transmitted 5 months ago :: Updated 5 months ago

Minor Version

This is a minor version (see this dev log for explanation) for a few updates and bugfixes.


  • Whelps can now have a user comment upon weaning. Please use these to explain things like inherited underbelly, non-implemented item use, etc.
  • Added reminder for thumbnail cropping on whelp weaning page.
  • Philters and other recent items are not yet coded in. For now, these will be removed from inventories and applied manually.
  • New image ratio reminder on whelp weaning and admin-side there's a little indicator if it's the correct ratio or not.


  • Submissions now can have gallery posts attached immediately. These have to be approved/visible to be in the list, otherwise you'd be able to see everyone's unaccepted gallery posts. This will be adjusted in the future when I have time to focus on modifying the query.
  • 2.2.1: Fixed bug where you couldn't cancel Claims.
  • 2.2.1: Fixed link format in user submission logs.


  • Fixed the inability to set Status Effects and Health/Experience for character rewards. The "Tend a Wound" prompt will be adjusted, with the reminder to only set the injured colonist as the Focus colonist - the doctoring colonists must be mentioned in the comments to be applied.


  • Fixed the fact that submissions weren't actually setting "submission_id" when granting raffle tickets.


  • 2.2.1: Fixed bug where image was escaping card. (report)


  • Adjusted the webhook that should announce when a native is discovered and raffled. Watching to make sure this actually sends to the server, but it seems to work in local.
  • Fixed the fact that attempting to send a Native to Immigration was not doing what it implied: sending it back to the Xiunus account. That has been fixed. Reminder that Natives send to Immigration do not grant Immigration Tokens. There should also be a webhook for this.


  • 2.2.2: Added indicator of Immigration Voucher count on sidebar.


  • 2.2.2: Fixed broken link in navbar and added new home page for armoury.


  • 2.2.2: Added new icons to alerts like below and added a few of these to various pages:
    • Livestock (alerting to drop amounts and future changes)
    • Emigration (alerting to Native emigration)
    • Colonists (alerting to inability to sort/reorder on mobile)
Example of new alert icons.


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