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Development Log: Release v2.2.2 Transmitted 5mos and 4d ago — Last modified 5mos and 4d ago
Minor Version

This is a minor version (see this dev log for explanation) for a few updates and bugfixes.


  • Whelps can now have a user comment upon weaning. Please use these to explain things like inherited underbelly, non-implemented item use, etc.
  • Added reminder for thumbnail cropping on whelp weaning page.
  • Philters and other recent items are not yet coded in. For now, these will be removed from inventories and applied manually.
  • New image ratio reminder on whelp weaning and admin-side there's a little indicator if it's the correct ratio or not.


  • Submissions now can have gallery posts attached immediately. These have to be approved/visible to be in the list, otherwise you'd be able to see everyone's unaccepted gallery posts. This will be adjusted in the future when I have time to focus on modifying the query.
  • 2.2.1: Fixed bug where you couldn't cancel Claims.
  • 2.2.1: Fixed link format in user submission logs.


  • Fixed the inability to set Status Effects and Health/Experience for character rewards. The "Tend a Wound" prompt will be adjusted, with the reminder to only set the injured colonist as the Focus colonist - the doctoring colonists must be mentioned in the comments to be applied.


  • Fixed the fact that submissions weren't actually setting "submission_id" when granting raffle tickets.


  • 2.2.1: Fixed bug where image was escaping card. (report)


  • Adjusted the webhook that should announce when a native is discovered and raffled. Watching to make sure this actually sends to the server, but it seems to work in local.
  • Fixed the fact that attempting to send a Native to Immigration was not doing what it implied: sending it back to the Xiunus account. That has been fixed. Reminder that Natives send to Immigration do not grant Immigration Tokens. There should also be a webhook for this.


  • 2.2.2: Added indicator of Immigration Voucher count on sidebar.


  • 2.2.2: Fixed broken link in navbar and added new home page for armoury.


  • 2.2.2: Added new icons to alerts like below and added a few of these to various pages:
    • Livestock (alerting to drop amounts and future changes)
    • Emigration (alerting to Native emigration)
    • Colonists (alerting to inability to sort/reorder on mobile)
Example of new alert icons.
Development Log: Release v2.1.0 Transmitted 7mos and 2w ago — Last modified 6mos and 3w ago
Minor Version

This is a minor version (see previous dev log for explanation) for an update for the Wheel of Mercy, a monthly randomized risk/reward.

Staff reminder that playable Tark'ee will not be migrated until the current phase of the Event reaches 100%, after which Serpentine and Aquatic tark'ee will be migrated as the first stage. 

Dailies/Wheel of Mercy

  • Wheel of Mercy (WOM) is now automated, using this link, which is accessible in the top navigation under "Wheel of Mercy." The prompt will be retired.
  • WOM rewards have been adjusted and now use loot tables.
  • WOM can now afflict random colonists with one "Injury" status effect.
  • Note: If you accidentally double click, you will still have "rolled" the wheel and will earn your reward, but you may not see a reward alert. (It may tell you that you've already rolled for this month.)
  • Planned: Proper log of WOM rewards so if the above happens, you don't need to hunt it down.
Development Log: Trespass | Release v2.0.0 Transmitted 1yr and 17h ago — Last modified 11mos and 3w ago
New Major Version

Welcome to the new Development Log system. You'll find this very similar to the News/Transmissions system, but with more technical language. Full transmissions will still occur, no worries about that! This is just where I, Uri, can get more in the weeds with explaining the things that have changed. Feel free to use the Comments system below to respond or point out anything we may have missed.

We have decided to go for a new numbering convention for Xiunus, unrelated to the Lorekeeper versioning. We will begin at Version 2.0.0, which is titled Trespass. Major release titles may or may not be related to code game updates.

The versioning style will go like so, with 1.2.3 as an example:

  • 1 — Major releases and revisions, like this one. Includes new UI, new features, big changes.
  • 2 — Minor releases and revisions. These include smaller edits like individual features added and collections of bugfixes.
  • 3 — Bug fix releases. For transparency's sake, we'll include them here instead of just updating in discord messages. This may be more internal numbering, with edits to a running Minor Release development log.
Site Redesign

As you've likely noticed, we've had a major redesign to the website interface! We've heard your complaints about the old design and at least from the perspective of someone who's been working on this new design for several months, I like moving around it much better than the old design.

Navigation — The top navigation has returned, with dropdowns containing similar information to the old site's sidebar. The navigation bar is sticky, meaning that when you scroll, it will hold on to the top of the screen. As this is a major change, we are eager to hear feedback!

Sidebars — The sidebars now shall contain everything that was previously in the "Current Page" sidebar category. You won't have to click anywhere to access this, it should be visible from the start. There is some expansion in some pages, such as the Encyclopedia. Lines with plus symbols next to them in the sidebar are collapseable and contain more information if you click on them.

Breadcrumb — The breadcrumb, or the line of text that states where you are in the website and parent pages, has been shifted up to hug against the navigation bar. They do not stick with the navigation, but if you scroll all the way up, they will be present.

Pagination — Pagination of long lists (like masterlists and the item directory) now allow you to click the ellipsis (...) to select what page to switch to.

Homepage/Dashboard — The homepage has been redesigned. We now include the discord widget, showing who is online and offering a more obvious link to join our active chat community. Discord is not required but is where a significant portion of us interact! 

Terminology changes

  • Awards are now Badges.
  • Codex is now Encyclopedia, leaving space for the new Database/Codex/Message information system which was released during the event.
  • Recipes are now Blueprints.
  • Inventory is now Cargo Hold and includes a user's Bank. It's still listed as Inventory under the Cargo sub-dropdown in the navigation bar for ease of access.
  • Pets are now Animals or Livestock. The url for accessing your own is still /pets. 
  • Claims and Prompt Submissions are now just under Submissions, which you can submit without a Prompt to equate to a Claim.
  • Some breadcrumbs have been adjusted, such as Colonist Masterlist to Colonist Directory.

The crafting system has had a large revamp and will continue to be tinkered with on user feedback. We plan on building this out further, creating blueprints for more items so that every item can have its use. It is now much easier to see what blueprints can be crafted at a time, with checkmarks and x marks next to items, denoting whether or not you have those in your inventory.

Crafting now will automatically grab items from your inventory without you selecting any individual stacks. If you wish to preserve any particular stacks for posterity or for future use, you may manually move those to your Safety Deposit Box from your cargo hold/inventory.

For a period of time upon release, you may notice some strangeness in blueprint rewards and ingredients, namely those that are linked to a parent recipe, like Currency -> Currency. We will be manually going through those to update them to the new system, where all blueprints will use the parent blueprint's requirements, rewards, and ingredients for better clarity and cleanliness.

As this system has had some major adjustments in the back end, if you notice anything strange, please speak up!

Smaller Updates

Colony Profile — There is no longer a separate Colony versus User profile page. You are welcome to expand upon your colony's lore in your researcher's page if you'd like, but you no longer have to click twice to get to a colony's residents, animals, etc. The profile description and content pages are present on your regular colony profile.

Researcher — Colonies may now create a researcher through their account settings. Each colony may have one researcher, with space for future expansion possible as we build the website further. 

Safety Deposit Box — You can now put specific stacks of items into a hidden safety deposit box so they will not be used in crafting, submissions, etc. Other users can't see what's in your SDB.

Guidebooks — We installed an extension that allows us to categorize and organize site pages, including the guides. We are working on rewriting and clarifying the existing guides, as well as creating some more to help explain more parts of the website and lore of our game. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment below!

Challenges — We have installed the Challenges extension, accessible via hitting "Play" and then "Challenges" in your navigation. These will be expanded in time!

Graveyard — The Colonist Graveyard has been removed. It had very little gameplay effects and had never been put into play, so that and all elements have been removed. The whelp graveyard still exists as a place where stillborns and deceased whelps are held for potential revival in the future. These can be accessed from your own Nursery, this has not changed. The Overseer's Orders item has had its item tag removed and it is pending a new purpose. Feel free to voice suggestions!


These are some plans that we have for Xiunus with no set dates or deadlines. These are in alphabetical order and will not necessarily be worked on or released in that order.

  • More Badges
  • More Blueprints
  • Colosseum
  • Ferals
  • Hunting
  • New Map
  • Ranch + Animal Drops Revamp
  • Rework of Update Design request form
  • Scavenging
  • Thievery?
  • Tourism