INCOMING Development Log from Xione

Release v2.1.0

Transmitted 7 months ago :: Updated 6 months ago

Minor Version

This is a minor version (see previous dev log for explanation) for an update for the Wheel of Mercy, a monthly randomized risk/reward.

Staff reminder that playable Tark'ee will not be migrated until the current phase of the Event reaches 100%, after which Serpentine and Aquatic tark'ee will be migrated as the first stage. 

Dailies/Wheel of Mercy

  • Wheel of Mercy (WOM) is now automated, using this link, which is accessible in the top navigation under "Wheel of Mercy." The prompt will be retired.
  • WOM rewards have been adjusted and now use loot tables.
  • WOM can now afflict random colonists with one "Injury" status effect.
  • Note: If you accidentally double click, you will still have "rolled" the wheel and will earn your reward, but you may not see a reward alert. (It may tell you that you've already rolled for this month.)
  • Planned: Proper log of WOM rewards so if the above happens, you don't need to hunt it down.


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