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The wait is finally over! Our new version and accompanying site redesign is finally here! With that, and the progress of the event, we have revealed the name of the event: Tark'ee Trespass!

There are a lot of new updates, which you can see in our development log. If you notice anything strange or a broken link, please comment on the dev log or create a bug report!

Tark'ee Migration Update

The wait for Tark'ee is almost over, with the Aquatic subspecies having been discovered through the event. Native Aquatic Tarkee will continue to be released via the event and there will be a few others sprinkled in with them. Migration for user-owned Aquatic Tarkee from the original game will begin once the Natives are released.

How will migration work?
Back when the merger was announced a little bit over a year ago, a form was sent out for all members of Tark'ee on their deviantart page to request any of their Tark'ee with existing designs be transferred over. That form is still in use and available for submissions. Submitted Tark'ee will have their genomes examined and converted into Xiunus genomes, then will be created as genos on Xiunus.

We are creating them as genos to give every migrated Tark'ee the freedom to be redesigned on the newly released official Xiunus lineart, if they so desire. There were some significant changes to what markings Tark'ee will have coming in, but we understand if individuals don't want to or have the means to redo new designs.

I want to redesign my Tark'ee but I don't have the means
For the first month after your Tark'ee colonist is migrated, you are welcome to submit a Submission to request your Tark'ee be redesigned by the staff.


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