The Issiq sands gently pushed beneath their paws and disturbed by their claws had revealed ancient inscriptions on many stones they walked over. This discovery was incredibly distracting, so much so that they came precariously close to a drop before they had realised there was one. The group had traveled not far past the giant pillars which denoted the entrance to the colossal underground ancient city they had stumbled across when they were met with their first challenge; traversing this ravine.

"That... does not look stable enough to carry our weight..." Sahara remarked, speaking of the tall flat topped pillars which stood before them.
"Well, I guess at least there is water to soften the fall?" Ma'groth laughed forcefully, gesturing down the smooth, slippery rocky walls to the rushing rapids beneath. This comment earned him an eye roll from Flame and a sigh from Spen.
"Yes okay but that clearly will still hurt, if not be worse..." Spen retorted.
"I was kidding, but yes, it would be very wise to be careful traversing this.. what ever you call it." Ma'groth waved a claw around dismissively, his attempts at lightening the mood falling on stressed ears.
"Ravine or rapids, or both." Offered Flame.

Silence fell over the group as each attempted to work out how to achieve the feat, but each not quite wishing to be the first to offer up a solution, nor volunteer to be the first to try it out.

After a few uncomfortable minutes there came an echoing call originating from where they came from causing them all to turn and look. A familiar and welcome form came bounding towards them, the light from her torch bouncing up and down as she trotted her way towards the others.
"Siv!" Spen called out, lifting her head in excitement as she ran up to greet her friend. "Oh I am so glad you found us! Were the notes we left clear enough?"
Siv chuckled and picked up her pace to greet Spen in the middle ground between them, accepting the friendly embrace from her companion. "I am sorry I took too long. Getting down safely was quite the challenge! But yes, the notes you left by the entrance were very clear. Also, not entirely sure I could have missed this place..." Siv let her voice trail off as she took in the ruins around them "this is quite impressive."

"We are working on a way to get across this ravine." Flame spoke up, not appreciating the loud distractions from his thoughts.

"What, this little thing?" Siv exclaimed, walking up to the edge before being stopped by Sahara.
"Whoa now, hold on" Sahara held out a paw at Siv's chest height to act as a caution. "The ravine is deceptive from here. It is very deep and we do not know how stable the edges are."
Siv merely met the Belemoid's gaze for a moment, but not verbally acknowledging the caution, merely stepping away. "So, where are we at with regards to the plan?" Siv asked the group, however her question was only met with silence.
After a small pause, Spen spoke up "Well... in all honesty we have not been here all that long. And... well...."
"I will say it, I am scared." Ma'groth finally spoke up. The air seemed to clear as if an unspoken tension had been spoken into evaporating with sighs of relief. "Have you seen how far down that goes? It is crazy!"
"I have not." Siv confirmed flatly. Sahara felt a pang as if the words were directed at her.

"The wise thing is to use caution, and strategise ways to cross." Flame said.
"Alright then. Well in that case..." Siv walked from one side of their small path to the other, judging the distance as best she could. She backed up after lining herself up dead on to the first pillar and shifted her claws into the sandy ground as if to will the earth to give her strength.
"Wait... what are you.." Spen started before realisation hit "No! Siv stop! It is too dangerous!"
However her pleas were fell unheeded as Siv lurched forward into a full run causing the rest of the group to gasp and plead before she reached the edge and launched herself into the air. With held breaths they could only watch as she landed on the first pillar.

"Ha! See, there is nothing to worry - whoooa!" the pillar started to shift beneath her, moving as she counter balanced. Siv's eyes widened with realisation and she turned to continue her journey across the ravine.
"Jump! Move! Keep going or come back but don't stay there!" Spen's voice raised into a shrill, stress over her friends well-being taking over into a panic.

Siv had made it to the third pillar by now, some moving more than others but each moved nonetheless. Ma'groth called out in shock as he noticed the first pillar start to teeter dangerously "If we want to cross we need to move. NOW!" he nearly growled the last word as he kicked himself into gear. His claws pounding the sand hard as he ran faster than he had in a long time before leaping onto the pillar as it conveniently swayed closer to him. He landed, digging his sharp claws into the stone on the pillar top to stop him sliding too much but using the out swing to leap onto the second pillar. Siv had made it to the other side and was calling out encouragements.
Spen growled to herself and lurched forward to follow Ma'groth's example and use the unstable pillars to her advantage.

Flame called out "this is absurd!" as he watched the pillars sway with increased vigor after each jump.
Sahara was frozen in absolute fear, unable to turn away from what she was watching unfold despite every fiber of her being wishing to no longer bear witness to the potential horror about to unfold. However her fears were soon proven to not be entirely unfounded as Ma'groth had made it safely across, however Spen still had the final two to go and the pillars were swaying dramatically.

"Come on Spen! You can do it!" Ma'groth called, finally seeing how extreme the pillars were swaying, but knowing Spen could absolutely not turn back now.
Suddenly, the first pillar reached critical tipping point. "Watch out!" Flame called out urgently, however Spen could not turn to watch the calamity about to hit as the pillars began a dramatic domino effect. Each knocking into the next. Her time was nearly here, the swing of the final pillar had nearly pushed her far enough forward to make the last leap to join the others on solid ground. Just as she went to leap, her pillar was knocked by the one before, jolting her off course as she leapt into the air.

"NO!!!" Siv screamed, watching as Spen barely made the jump; her claws slowly slipping on the cliff face she was holding onto. "Grab on!" Ma'groth and Siv grabbed her and pulled. The straps of her bag strained under the pressure and one snapped just as they manage to heave her onto the ground.
The trio fell into a heap, breathing heavily as they tried to regain their breaths. "are... are you okay..?" Siv asked.
"I.. do not know.." Spen answered shakily.

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