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Event Two Zero Two Two

Hello, and welcome to December! Well, mid-December! We've now well into Kerah and have delved into the second stage of our sitewide event. For those of you just tuning in, or even longtime listeners, you may be confused as to what's going on! There's no need to fear, for your friendly neighborhood Steve is here to explain!

But before we dive right into talking about the event, though I know I'm keen to get my nose into that mess, I wanted to introduce some fascinating new things that have popped into Xiunus over the last few months!

New Items

There are a ton, and I mean a ton of new items that have made their way into the game! Most of these have something to do with the event as it progresses, but here are some that you may not have noticed just yet.

549-image.png 540-image.png 581-image.png 550-image.png 545-image.png
New Worldbuilding

The docks have opened up, and with them tantalizing possibilities!

29-th.png 30-th.png 31-th.png 32-th.png

Not to mention, a whole army of residents for both the docks and a huge number of other places around the entire island.

Advent Calendar
We're halfway through December! For the entire month, every day a new Advent Calendar prize will be available for pick up. Every other day will be an event-related prize, specifically these fancy little cards which, as many have discovered, are used in piecing together treasure maps to unlock new markings.


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