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Current population: 40
Level Two
Andromeda 0058 of Xione Andromeda
Level One
Lupus 0069 of Xione Lupus
Level One
Aries 0533 of Xione Aries
Level Two
Cepheus 0001 of Xione Cepheus
Zero Sum Game | Prime
Level Two
Delphinus 0002 of Xione Delphinus
Ace of Spades | Commander
Level Two
Cassiopeia 0004 of Xione Cassiopeia
Carried by the Sea | Director


Undesigned genetic scripts
Belemoid O...

Roan granite male reef belemoid whelp with countershading.

Xione's Ne...

Leaf tinted silver female tsabhua adult with countershading and impala.

0212 x 022...

Roan appaloosa black female tsabhua whelp with nyala, point, sable, underbelly, stripe, and choker.
Carried: Pearl, flaxen, countershading, heartfire, and truespot

animated gif logo for Xione colony
Latest Update

The Ministry's child, Ara, is about to grow to adulthood.
She has shown an aptitude in combat and will be trained alongside Cetus and Sagittarius as a Recruit upon her Placement Ceremony.

We are Xione

Please watch your step.

Do not be alarmed by our security - we cannot help but protect ourselves, you understand.
Don't go down that hall - it is for authorized personnel only and sorry to say, you aren't authorized personnel.

Xione is a colony of two faces, inside and out. The colony itself lives within a hollowed out dormant volcano often called the Obsidian Mountain due to its color, the passages of which are closed to the public. Connected to the volcano is a great Obsidian arch which connects to a structure built to accomodate visitors and house diplomatic parties.

The Ministry (upper eschelon of citizens) are often seeking samples from other colonies to expand their bloodlines, especially those of high stats and unique colorations. Such planned relations may occur in a number of ways: A diplomatic party may approach your colony to discuss and perform, the dam may be artificially inseminated or a surrogate may be found, or your colonist may visit the Diplomatic Center near the Obsidian Mountain.


Xione is a tightly knit colony where the best thrive and the rest are pushed to better themselves. Outside of the colony, few are known beyond those who are trusted by the Ministry.

The Ministry

The Ministry is made up of three highly skilled colonists who have the ear of the Researcher. They have freedom of the entire facility and may leave or return at will, no matter what. They decide upon most things together, although the Prime has the final say in any such

PRIME The Prime has master control over all residents of the colony.
Cepheus "Zero Sum Game"

DIRECTOR The Director is in charge of relations, both diplomatic and domestic.
Cassiopeia "Carried by the Sea"

COMMANDER The Commander is responsible for the defense and offense of the colony.
Delphinus "Ace of Spades"

Military Corps

The Military is responsible for defending the colony from dangers both inside and outside its walls.

CAPTAIN The Captain works directly with the Commander and is the liaison between troops and the Ministry.
None Yet.

SPECIAL OPS Specialists are colonists with intelligence and dexterity who are sent on special operations.
None Yet.

COMBAT DOCTOR Combat Doctors are tasked with caring for the injured and damaged within the Military.

PRIVATE Privates are the main body of the Military Corps and are trained to protect the colony.

RECRUIT Recruits are newly attached to the Military and must still show their worth.

Citizen Corps

Regular citizens are important to the colony. Without them, many of the processes across the colony would never be done.

VOYAGER Voyagers travel within and outside of the colony lands, searching out trespassers and strangers who are of use.
Aquila. Wyrd.
Juniors: None Yet.

DIPLOMAT Diplomats are tasked with going to other lands to improve relations across colonies and tribes.
Lyra "Song of the Gods". Tsakaine.
Juniors: None Yet.

DOCTOR Combat Doctors are tasked with caring for the injured and damaged within the Military.
None Yet.
Juniors: Aquarius.

SCIENTIST Privates are the main body of the Military Corps and are trained to protect the colony.
None Yet.
Juniors: None Yet.

ARCHIVIST Archivists are in charge of laying out the history of the colony and ensuring the children are taught.
None Yet.
Juniors: Scorpius.

PRIEST/PRIESTESS Recruits are newly attached to the Military and must still show their worth.
None Yet.
Juniors: None Yet.

CHILDREN Recruits are newly attached to the Military and must still show their worth.
Lupus. Ursa. Ara. Cygnus. Achernar.

Lower Corps

UNEMPLOYED These residents must find their place.
Abaddon. Altair. Cassian. Lepus. Sergeant. Meredith. Icarus.

PRISONER Prisoners have done something to offend the Ministry and must pay for their crimes.
None Yet.


The Lore of the colony is that which is taught to the whelps and is that spread outside of the colony. It may not be entirely truthful, but they won't tell you that.


Cepheus, Delphinus, Cassiopeia, and Ash were all originally from the same tribe. Cassiopeia became pregnant with Ash against her tribe chief's orders and the pair were de-horned. The four were furious and were forced to flee, escaping from further punishment or even death. They all traveled together for some time, until a dangerous storm swept Ash away.


Xione is currently open to alliances and trade treaties.


North Mireh Research Outpost
Home to Ash 0015, a personal ally of the Original Three.

Trade Agreements

Colony Name


Colony Name
Reason for disagreements

Visual History

A visual history will eventually be here. This will be the canonical history of the colony and may be in the form of comics, text, or images.


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Ender-Realm   2yrs and 1mo ago
I wanna say thank you Uri! You've given me something to focus on and something to draw (even if Im new to AARPG things). Even if Im still a bit confused about this doesnt mean that I wont give up. Thank you so much!
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Xione   2yrs and 1mo ago
No problem!! I'm always here if you have any questions <3

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Yo, thank you <3
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Of course! :)
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Keep up the great work! O/)
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Thank you! :D
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