I want to delete my account.


We're sorry to hear this!
If you're certain, then please send an email to xiunus.mod (at) gmail.com and we'll get it taken care of for you. For verification, please either use the email you signed up for, or Note the group using your connected Deviantart account.

What happens to my colonists?

As per the terms of service, colonists belong to the game. If you deem to delete your account, your colonists will be transferred to the Immigration Centre to be rehomed. If you have particular users you'd prefer to keep your colonists, you should take care of the transfers before emailing us. We do not delete existing colonists.

What about my designs?

Your designs always belong to you, though when you submitted them, the characters with those designs belong to the site.

If you really don't want the design to stay attached to the colonist, you may redesign them and submit a free design update request. In the comments, mention that you are having your account deleted.

You're of course welcome to re-use the original designs elsewhere, though the species must be changed. The species of Xiunus are closed, meaning that unless the design is linked to an actual official character, you can't go around saying that it is one of the species from the site.