"I.. do not know.." Spen answered shakily.
Something caught Ma'groth's eye and he looked down at his claws as the pillars crashed below, sending up deafening echoes into the cavern. "Spen!" He gasped, noticing the blood on one claw.
"Do not worry..." she sighed "it is shallow... I think."
"Wait, what is she....." Siv began before noticing the wound "Ma'groth! What!?" she snapped.
"I.. I didn't mean to!"
"I am fine, seriously. Siv, please. You BOTH saved my life. I will heal."

Spen backed down only to start throwing her own bag onto the floor to rummage through for some healing salve and bandages.
Ma'groth opened his mouth to offer apologies but was interrupted by a call from the other side of the ravine. "Hey! Are you all okay over there?" Flame had cupped his hands over his mouth in an attempt to throw his voice further. His dark pelt was hard to see against the darkness of the cavern behind them.
"Yeah, we all made it" Ma'groth called back. Suddenly remembering the others they had left behind now that the excitement had subsided. "How... how are we gonna get you both across?"
"Have not got a plan for that just yet" Flame called back, the echos making the communication somewhat difficult.

"Just hang tight and we will figure something out!" Ma'groth began looking around as if the sand and stone around their feet would hold the solution to their problems whilst Siv continued to tend to Spen's wounds despite her protests and claims of health.

Across the ravine, Flame pondered out loud "I am sure we can come up with something on our end as well. Do you have any thoughts?" He turned to Sahara who, until now, had been very quiet.

Sahara was cowering, wide eyes glowing softly in the darkness, her fur standing up in places as fear engulfed her.
"Sahara... what is the matter?" Flame asked as gently as he could. However he was just answered with a slow shake of her head. He sighed gently, pinching the ridge between his eyes as he did. It may be up to him to figure out how to do this alone at this rate. However he could not deny that he too was filled with a subtle dread at their situation with no way currently to reach their companions on the other side of the ravine. "Worry not. We will think of something."

"L-like what...?" Sahara peeped softly, grasping at anything that could possibly bring her comfort.
"Well, for starters we have climbing gear - that's some rope and hooks and hammers. Maybe we could makeshift some sort of swing...."
"NO!" Sahara trembled further into herself. The thought of dangling over the ravine was mortifying to her.
"Okay, well there is not a lot of other options available to us right now. It is not like we could just build a bridge!" Flame waved his hands around incredulously.
"What was that? You want to make a bridge?" Siv called from the other side.
"What? No! That is a ridiculous-"
"Hang on, we might be able to help from this side."
Flame groaned in frustration, throwing his hands in the air in defeat.

Siv looked down at Spen, placing a claw gently on her shoulder "will you be alright?"
Spen nodded back, smiling up at Siv from where she rested on the ground by the far rocky wall "I will be fine. Do not worry about me. Please, help the others."
"I will keep an eye on her" Ma'groth reassured gently, however he earned an intense glare from Siv. She clearly still blamed him for harming her friend.
"I swear, if anything happens to her-"
"I will be fine. Now, go!" Spen interrupted before things could get too heated. Siv sighed in resignation and wandered off to find something they could use for the bridge.

The gap was quite sizable, so a conventional bridge would be out of the question with the materials they had on hand. Siv doffed her bag and started to rummage, seeking anything which could aid them. Some rope, poles and climbing gear stood out to her. Scratching her chin, Siv pondered their potential usage.

On the other side of the ravine, Flame was pacing back and forth muttering to himself. Not only did he and Sahara need to cross the ravine to join the others, but as far as anyone knew the way they came is the only exit from this cavern. Ma'groth and the others would be stranded if they could not figure out a way to cross the ravine safely.
Sahara slowly calmed herself down, looking around at the surroundings. Flame pacing and muttering, a nicely visible Siv on the other side of the ravine as the light from their torches reflected on her white fur. Conversely, the others were too dark to be seen easily among the dark rocks and shadows, but she knew they were there. Taking in the information continued to calm her as she grounded herself in the now and out of her frightened mind. Looking up she saw pillars, possibly old pillars which had held up a stone bridge which was once here, but had since fallen to the rapids below, the remnants being the pillars they had knocked over. An archway above her, like a decorative awning. A matching pillar on the other side of the ravine, most likely was once a similar archway which had fallen over.

"Wait a minute" Sahara spoke softly as the thought out loud to herself. "The pillars can act as anchors." She stood up, doffing her own back as she pulled out some gear including rope and pegs. "We can make a swing bridge, much like the pillars that were once there. Except these ones suspended from the ceiling!" her voice rose to an excited shout, gaining the attention of Flame.
"That.. that might work!" Flame exclaimed, looking up - why had he not thought of looking up! "We have the pegs, and I have a grappling gun. We can shoot to suspend each section piece by piece!"
"Yeah!" Sahara agreed enthusiastically, already getting out her climbing ropes. "We don't have enough to traverse the entire gap.."
"I have some over here!" Siv shouted, grinning as she waved her own gear in the air.
"Excellent! You work from your side, and we will work from ours. We might only need two, maybe three sections?" Flame pondered.
"Aim for three so we can budget our materials, just in case." Sahara added.
Spen nodded and started loading up Ma'groth's grappling gun. A careful aim and shot saw her first peg successfully embed into the hanging pillar over the ravine closest to her. "Yes! Bullseye!"
Flame's first shot was not as successful, however, pulling it back and reloading saw a solid hit.

After a few of hours, they had made a secure makeshift hanging bridge across the ravine. Flame turned to Sahara with a reassuring smile. "Do not look down. Follow after me. You will be absolutely fine."
He clipped on his safety harness to the guide rope they had placed, and slowly and carefully made his way across the ravine.
Sahara watched with bated breath until he was almost halfway over, then followed suit. "Do not look down... do not look down... one foot in front of the other..." she repeated as she clipped herself in too and carefully made her way across. She locked her eyes above, even when her foot slipped causing everyone to shout in alarm, Sahara kept her shaky composure and eyes up until she made it to solid ground.

Siv quickly unclasped Sahara from the guidance rope, allowing her to flop into a heap as adrenaline coursed through her body and her legs finally gave out.
"P-please. Let us rest a while.." she begged.
Spen laughed softly "I know I need it too!"

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