Submission (#2324)

TT.S2 - Out to Sea


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Submitted 1mo and 3w ago

Processed 1mo and 3w ago by Gaeron Pass



Seal = +12xp

+2 = base (Fullbody)
+3 = High effort (Focus on atmospheric lighting)
+3 = Colored
+2 = Shaded
+2 = background

Rp = 12 x 2 (r+) = 24


Thank you for the work as always to whoever approves this <3

Colony Rewards

These rewards went to LostInProgres

Focus Colonist Rewards

Specific to TT.S2 - Out to Sea

5 Experience, added automatically. Does not get added to RP calculations.

Colonists and Their Rewards

These rewards were specifically earned by the colonist beside them.

Seal 1134

Focus Colonist Rewards from Prompt
Observations in Ocean
Seal 1134 opened up one of the fish traps and found Fur Tuft.

No addons are included in this submission.


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