Expressed Genes:
Okapi: ok ok – ok ok+r
Reversed Okapi: ok+r ok+r
Carried Genes:
Okapi: Ok ok
Reversed Okapi: Ok ok+r

The Okapi gene is similar to the Nyala gene in that it contains pale stripes, but that's where the similarities end. Okapi is a full-body marking that has a reversal variant. Both regular and reversal may have large areas of solid but solid areas cannot cover more than 40% of the body. Combined striping and solid areas can cover no more than 75% of the body. These stripes are thicker than Nyala and more erratic but must follow the forms of the body, as if wrapping around the limbs and neck.

The regular Okapi is white, either striping or cut-out striping across the body, usually around the head, neck, and limbs. It can either be stripes drawn out or it can be a white mass with stripes cut out.

The reversed Okapi is a black mass with simple stripes cut out of it. Closed-off striping can have a colour paler than the black stripes in it - from grey to white to silver that's tinted with the base coat hue. This inner striping can be affected by Artifice!


Good in-game examples