Free Markings

Free markings are special ones that don't show up in the genome and don't have their own listings in the marking directory, but can be included on your colonist for free.

Freckles and beauty spots

Any colonist can have a light smattering of small freckles on their face. These shouldn't look like any of the spotting genes and shouldn't be too extensive. To not be confused with Ember, this amount of freckles cannot be anywhere but the face. We allow one small (smaller than the eye and fairly rounded) sized free-floating beauty spot on each limb and/or the tail.

Minimal White and Black

Minimal white and minimal black are available for any colonist, unless they have another gene that suppresses these markings, such as albinism or melanism. These use the colour ranges from Free Ranges above and must never be true white (#FFF) or true black (#000). They also must be darker/lighter than the base coat, based on whether they're minimal white or minimal black. For example, minimal black should not appear lighter than the base coat of a black colonist, and minimal white should not appear darker than the base coat on a white colonist.

These markings should be solid unless affected by the modifier ticking and must be at least somewhat hard-edged for the majority of the "marking." They should not have holes in them, especially by the toes/tailtip.

These are a very basic marking and should not look too much like Mask. It has potential to be confused with a very pale or dark Socks, so if you use min white, please specify it in your design comments or post-submission whelp comments.

On the body, minimal (or 'min') white and black grow outwards from the extremities and belly, spreading similarly to Underbelly or Sabino. The head alone allows for disconnected "blazes" and "eyeshadow" type areas, but it should be noted that it should not be very detailed at all and should not look too much like Mask.



Hexapod (Six limbed)
Quadruped (Four limbed)
Apoda (No limbed)
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