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Snip's Pinnacle Point

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Snip's Pinnacle Point

Snip's Pinnacle Point

EXPERIENCE [Callie, Psion]
Base: 2 xp
Colored: 3 xp
Shaded: 2 xp
Background: 2 xp
Accurate Region: 1 xp
Total = 10 xp

Base: 10 + 10 = 20
Research Plus: 20
Total = 40 rp

Colony Rewards

These rewards went to Snip's Pinnacle Point


Focus Colonist Rewards

Specific to Courtship

Colonists and Their Rewards

These rewards were specifically earned by the colonist beside them.

Psion 0077

Observations in Mireh
Psion 0077 encountered a small tribe of tsabhua and avoided them.

Callie 0484

Observations in Mireh
Callie 0484 realized they forgot something and started back home.
Callie 0484 ran into an old lover.

No addons are included in this submission.


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