Status report

DPIP is extremely nervous and sketchy.

Did you see that? No, no you didn't. You saw nothing.


For as long as colonies have roamed the land of Xiunus, Natives have been pretty interested in joining any colony they encounter. They've started to become, hm, a bit picky as of late. Some Natives, especially those who know each other, claim that they may not be too eager to join a colony that has ex-Natives living within. After all, one said under complete anonymousity, someone snores like an entire herd of honjest. They were looking at a nearby native who was picking their nose.

To alleviate their discomfort, DPIP has set up a lottery of sorts.

Natives must still be encountered while Observing (see below) in their Region before they can be Woo'd. However, upon that point, a Raffle will automatically be made for that Native. From that point on, anyone with the Diplomacy research may attempt to entice the Native to join their colony, gathering tickets based on the success rolls of their included colonists, which is affected by the Social skill of the colonist in question.

When a colonist succeeds in their Social roll, they add one ticket to the pool of tickets for the submitter. The number of colonists allowed in a Diplomacy submission is the same. After one month, the raffle is automatically rolled and the Native automatically goes home with the winner of the Raffle. How exciting!

Collaborations split the raffle tickets, just like Research Points are split.

If you want to see what colonists are available in a Region, go to that Region's information page!

The number of submissions one can make per Native is as follows:

  • Four for the original finder: This is to account for the past method. However, if this colony has Natives already, that is reduced to three.
  • Three for anyone else who has no Natives in their colony.
  • Two for any colony that has Natives already in their colony.

Several researches have been adjusted for this system! You will need to mention them when you send in your Woo submission.

  • Diplomatic Immunity: Allows one more colonist per submission to be rolled.
  • Extradition: Allows one more entry. So, if you have a Native already, you can do three entries. If you are the original finder and have no Natives, you can do five!
  • Well Met: Adds a bonus of two tickets per entry.

Certain items also have effects when attached to a submission!

  • Honey: While it no longer auto-successes, it adds 2 additional tickets to an entry, even if all colonists fail!
  • There are three letters that share names with the Research. These may stack only with other types of letters and add one additional ticket per item.


Random Events have been renamed Observations. They can now be applied per colonist and the Region can be set for the submission itself. Remember, it's a max of two Observations per colony per submission. If you try to sneak it through... well. It'll auto-cap to two, so you won't be able to have more than two.

With this new system, the Compass item will need some tinkering to work with the new system. If you have one or buy/find one in the meantime - hold onto it!

Do not forget to set a Region if you are asking for Observations.

Background Items

I've created the function of having an item that automatically applies a background image to sit behind a transparent colonist's image. This will help a lot with sizes of colonist import images and server load as time progresses! Here's an example of a colonist with this treatment applied.

The freely available backgrounds, for instance, the mining examples, are available in a new shop: The Background Emporium!

286-image.png 289-image.png 280-image.png

If you want to replace your existing colonist image with a transparent version to be able to use this, please reply to this Transmission in a comment below with the following form:

**Colonist:** [Colonist Name](url here)
**Transparent Image:** [Image link](url here)

If you have a Native and you wish for this treatment, please indicate below! Some older ones may not have PSDs anymore so we may have to manually separate it from the background.

In the future, we may allow custom background items. This completely cosmetic effect will likely be "rewards" for donating to the site for upkeep costs.

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