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Investigations are finally live! If you're anything like me, you've been holding onto your Simple Reports in anticipation of this. You may now begin drawing or writing responses to these mini-prompts. In order to have a successful investigation (aka not get rejected), DPIP does require a research point payment per investigation submission. Each colonist involved (up to three) will recieve one randomized reward which can be anything from bones to shaman's hearts to soulstones to bonuses for the stat in question.

One of the rewards is an item called a Recipe Card which unlocks a random recipe from a particular category. We are still working on making recipes for these, so we encourage you be involved in....


World Building!

We have implemented prompts specifically for Xiunus worldbuilding! Make your mark on the world of Xiunus here by helping to build the planet and its items, recipes, fauna, etc. These are different from activity/other prompts in rules and requirements as well as rewards. Every Worldbuilding entry gives you one raffle ticket to the Monthly Raffle and also the Yearlong Raffle! Most of these prompts are one-submission-per-day, but we may reduce it later on if we end up with a back-log.

Most of the prompts have special rewards for implementation, such as a recipe unlock for recipe submissions and one of the items for item submissions. They also have RP/Xen rewards for implementation! We are super excited about this and really want to have the users involved in the building of the Xiunus world.


Location-Specific Rewards

On the back end, we finally have the ability to have loot tables that pay attention to a user's location in order to select what item is picked. This means that from now on, we will be working on making items that are specific to different locations. For instance, Redstone is now found via mining by colonists from the Rekes region. (I will work on adjusting this to allow the location to be specific to the location of the submission, but may take some time.)


Check out our new Public Features trello to see what we're working on and have planned for the future!

Feel free to make suggestions for updates/activities/features/changes/events etc in the #suggestions channel in the Discord or in our Suggestion Box!

Support Xiunus


If you would like to support Xiunus and its coder, please feel free to buy Uri a coffee - it really will help to keep the site afloat!

Everything we staff do for Xiunus is all an entirely volunteer effort and while we love to do what we do, all hosting (monthly $$) is done out of pocket!
We're lucky to have an in-house coder to do all our maintenance, not all ARPGs have that!

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