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 New and Struggling with your Design?


Have no fear! Just comment below with the following form and an admin will design your first colonist for you

This is only for your FIRST COLONIST!

**Link to geno:**
**Colonist Phenotype:** Such as: Navy tsabhua with underbelly.
**Background:** Will be transparent unless you provide one or request a solid color or gradient.
**Eye Color:** 
**Lineart You Want:** Free lineart can be found here.
**Any Particular Requests:** Such as min white/min black - if you have no preferences, we'll do what we think looks best!


1w and 2d ago

Link to geno:
Colonist Phenotype: Navy male tsabhua with marozi.
Background: -
Eye Color: An Ice Blue or light Cyan
Lineart You Want:
Any Particular Requests:
- Darkest part of the slider
- Full Leopard or Jaguar treatment since it’s his only marking lol
- whatever else you think might look nice ^^

1w and 1d ago

Claimed! Will get this to you shortly <3

1mo and 2d ago *

Link to geno:
Colonist Phenotype: Greying black male tsabhua with countershading and underbelly.
Background: I would wish a background that resembles the colony's biome, Kerah. Thought this is optional if it feels too complicated then default background is a OK.
Eye Color: Any natural colour, may include heterchromia if desired by the designer.
Lineart You Want: Designer's choice. Feel free to experiment!
Any Particular Requests: I allow the designer of my Starter experiment with their talents or interest. My only request is to keep other markings Earthly/natural coloured and expressions, if you decide to make any, to remain within his personality traits; experienced big guy who looks intimidating. This means including any minor scarring is also allowed, including any free markings (if applicable) are a OK! I am honestly not picky with designs and I am very patient, so please do not feel like you would need to rush with designing process. <3

3w and 6d ago *

here you go! - full version with all the layers so you can edit if you want, or use the bg for other colonists - smaller png ready to go for the masterlist
hope you like! feel free to use, not use, edit, whatever :)
also, let me know if you want anything changed, or if it needs corrections :)

3mos and 3d ago

Link to geno:
Colonist Phenotype: Rust tinted silver female tsabhua with heartfire.
Background: Transparent or anything you think looks good!
Eye Color: Any!
Lineart You Want: Free
Any Particular Requests: Anything you think looks nice! Simple would also be nice :)

3mos and 2d ago

Here is my attempt!

Please let me know if you would like anything changed :)

3mos and 3d ago

Link to geno:
Phenotype: Slate female tsabhua with nyala and dapple
Bg: transparent is fine
Eye color: left eye dark purple, right eye top half cyan bottom half dark purple
Lineart: baby breath
Requests: uh please don't make it
more complicated than needed, it's hard for me to draw complicated designs.

3mos and 2d ago

Here's my attempt!
I've not done dapple before, so sorry if it's not up to snuff.

Let me know of any changes you want, and/or if it needs correction!

8mos and 2w ago

Link to geno:
Colonist Phenotype: Navy female tsabhua with saddle.
Eye Color: Dark green
Lineart You Want:
Any Particular Requests: Nope, just have fun with it ^^

8mos and 1w ago

Is this good?