A young black Tsabhua sat at his desk, writing rigorously. It had been quite a while since Choose's encounter with Leviathan- which had happened early in the year. Now, with the cold season of Kerah having arrived and temperatures dropping, the young Xunari was finally happy to have another go of writing an adventure story based on the encounter he, Roam, fawn and Retreat had had.
The book had been quite tricky to write- especially since Choose didn't know much about the ocean, where Leviathan had claimed to be from. He supposed he'd have to take some artistic liberties- it was partially a fantasy book, after all.
He had spotted Retreat watching him a while ago now, noticing her curious glances as she talked to Roam and Fawn, their caretakers, from the corner of his eyes. He didn't worry too much about it, though, happy to just keep writing. Occasionally their eyes met, but Choose always made sure to refocus on his work. He didn't have time for retreat's shenanigans today.
She eventually wandered off when there was a small commotion outside- likely a visitor or fellow trader wandering into camp. Choose considered heading out too, but felt he was too absorbed in his work, for now.
"What a surprise!" Roam exclaimed, excitedly, at the familiar face that had wandered into camp. Leviathan hadn't visited before, and the guards seemed a bit shaken up by the large tark'ee, claiming to had not seen him under the water, and nearly jumping out of their skin as the Xunari emerged to climb up the hill. All in all, Roam supposed he had to be glad they decided not to shoot at the stranger, and also had to be glad he wasn't the one getting chewed out by Fawn right now (he heard muffled screams about being "not very hospitable" coming from Bloo's office...)
Leviathan chuckled, a little awkward, which Roam supposed was understandable considering how often the colony had called him a swamp monster now. Roam however, was quite excited to see their acquaintance again, always happy to have the colony make friends. "We're happy to have you here!" he said, leading the other Xunari further into the colony's camp. He figured he'd show the other around for a bit, and offer him some supplies to take home with him, and then offering him dinner later that day.
While showing him around, he noticed Retreat peering over one of the railings. "Retreat!" he called over to her, "Do you wanna help show Leviathan around?" from the distance, he could see the whelp squeal in excitement- almost tripping over her own paws in order to rush down the raised platforms that most of the colony buildings sat on.
Leviathan whistles, seemingly impressed. "you guys seem pretty prepared for floods." Roam nodded, proudly, and tried to start explaining but was cut off by an excited Retreat running at them. "Reach designed it!" she said, out of breath. Roam wasn't entirely sure how she had made it down so quickly, in all honesty, but the whelp instantly shoved the two adults along, while rambling about the colony's flood protection.
Fawn had walked into one of the nursery rooms, expecting it to have been empty, which would have been a fine opportunity to do some cleaning- most whelps young and old having ran off to greet the new friend in camp. Instead, she found Choose, sitting all alone, writing at his little desk. She hummed, not quite sure what to do with the youngling. Choose hadn't even noticed her come in, engrossed in his writing.
"Choose?" she said, softly as not to startle him even though he jumped regardless. "It might be time to put your writing down for a bit. It's almost dinner time, and all of your friends are downstairs already. We've got a guest over." Choose shook his head "I'm almost done! I promise I won't be long." Fawn sighed- this likely wasn't a battle she was going to win.
She took a deep breath, ready to delve into a monologue about taking care of yourself before she heard something- the over-excited paws on the flooring outside, mixed in with the voice of her mate and the guest they had over. "And this is where Choose stays! He's usually all holed up in here allllll day, working on his book-" Fawn wasn't able to warn Choose, as the door was thrown open immediately after.
Choose rolled his eyes, bit finally stood up from his desk, with a smile on his face as he turned around. "Hello Mr. Leviathan! Can I tell you about my book?"
They all sat together as dinner was server, Leviathan seeming grateful to be offered a meal- commenting on how nice the food smelled. Roam, Fawn, Retreat, and Choose, had all been pulled along. The whelps were excitedly talking between the two of them.
Earlier Leviathan had looked over the younger Xunari's notes, reading trough them and occasionally making suggestions for improvements as well as additions. Choose had grown more and more excited throughout the conversation, happy at the opportunity, especially since Leviathan could help him flesh out the early chapter- about the Swamp Monster's life back in it's home in the ocean.
As dinner was wrapping up, Choose looked over at Leviathan. "How long will you be staying?" the larger Xunari seemed a bit taken aback by that "Oh- I wasn't really planning on staying for much longer, honestly." Retreat frowned, disappointed. "But Matter would've loved to meet you! Please stay just a little longer?"
Leviathan look over at Roam and Fawn. "Would it be okay-" the two didn't wait for the other Xunari to finish, happily nodding. "We showed you the guest room, right?" Leviathan nodded as Retreat squealed in excitement, starting to ramble about what she they could do together the next day.
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