An older blue male Tsabhua appeared, looking very much as part of some form of medical team based on his uniform and tablet, and began to inspect the arrivals one by one, aided by a dark coated male.
"Welcome back, Bloodbeak." the lead medic greeted, as he dismissed Vydia and Emni with a bill of good health. "I see you have new friends." he turned his attention to Novato and Sunhalter as he gestured for his aide to inspect Sunhalter.
"You know me, Xiphias." Bloodbeak laughed "I find stray Xunari wherever I go."
Novato made a noise as if he was going to interject and take offence to being called a 'stray', however Sunhalter began to chuckle - for some reason finding that incredibly funny.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Xiphias." He bowed his head softly with a small flourish "I am the resident lead medic, at least whilst I am here. I operate elsewhere, usually. And that there is Apoptosis. He hails all the way from Issiq, however is here currently to help me."
"Hello!" Apoptosis greeted enthusiastically. "I am here for anything you need! Medical or otherwise, feel free to seek me out." He smiled then moved from Sunhalter to Novato, exchanging a nod with Xiphias and giving Sunhalter the all clear. Novato flinched slightly at being touched by a stranger, however tolerated the inspection well enough.
"Well met. We look forward to making your acquaintances." Sunhalter returned the greeting, before turning expectantly to Bloodbeak.

"Ah yes! Of course, if you would be so kind as to follow me. I will introduce you to the others." He winked again, before walking off towards one of the doors on the opposite wall, which was left open by Xiphias and Apoptosis when they arrived.
Novato and Sunhalter exchanged a brief glance before following after Bloodbeak - not that they had a choice anymore; it quickly became evident that they had already come too far and there was likely no going back. Bloodbeak led the group, flanked by Xiphias and Apoptosis who were exchanging notes, through winding corridors and past many rooms before they arrived into what appeared to be a mess hall at the end of their hallway.
"This here is the cafeteria, we do not have a wide range of produce available for general consumption, but donations from our allies keep us going." Bloodbeak gestures widely at the large area, along one table sat a small group who were quiet and all facing the newcomers. "Ah-ha! Allow me to introduce you. I am sure you will be eager." Bloodbeak, once again, gave a signature wink before trotting happily over to the table.

They approached the table, where sat two very smooth furred Belemoid, both appearing quite similar in morphology to Lilith, and towering over them was a large blue piebald creature who seemed similar but somehow different to Bloodbeak. Sunhalter could barely contain her excitement, Novato on the other hand was quite calm and unphased.
"Here we have Secret, and Poppy" Bloodbeak gestured to the brown Belemoid and the blue striped Belemoid respectively "They are currently in charge of sourcing donations for our cause and liaising with our allies directly. And here is-"
"I am Indigo." The finned Tark'ee spoke, almost harshly. "I am in security, and intelligence." His eyes narrowed at Novato and Sunhalter. "And no one told me that you were coming here." He turned his ire to Bloodbeak now, Indigo's displeasure made abundantly clear in his glare which Bloodbeak merely shrugged off.
"They are also Reef Belemoid, just like Lilith, and he is one of my kin and Aquatic Tark'ee."
"Sir, I hate to interrupt you, but time is escaping us today." Xiphias interjected quickly, sensing yet another fight between the Tark'ee about to erupt.
"Oh yes! I forgot entirely! I need to prepare for the meeting!" Apoptosis panicked, his eyes wide "Please excuse me, Xiphias, and the rest of you! It was my duty to prep the meeting room today. Apologies, please forgive me." Apoptosis bowed his head repeatedly in apology as his voice trailed off as he rushed out the door from where they came.
Xiphias laughed "That bull would forget his head if it were not attached to his neck. Excuse me too." Xiphias smiled gently at the group "I must help him. Fare well!" and with that, he followed after the darker bull.

After a moment of silence and bewilderment, Sunhalter spoke up, remembering to actually introduce herself. "Well met, friends. I am known as Sunhalter, and this is Novato. We wish to extend our aide however we can, however must be done in secret as our clans leaders have opted to keep out of whatever is going on. Many of our clansmates, however, are very keen to be part of the rebellion against The Department and offer our protection where we can." her voice almost resonated with a confidence and reassurance that she certainly did not feel.
Sunhalter earnt herself a scoff from Indigo, which crushed her fleeting confidence. "And what makes you think we need your protection? You think we are incapable?!" Ingido's voice began to rise with his stature, his presence becoming intimidating.
Novato growled, his lips pulling back into a snarl; he was none too happy that someone dared threaten his mate.
"Hey hey!" Poppy spoke up, placing a paw hesitantly on Indigo's shoulder "Please, calm down. No one is insulting anyone elses abilities." Her voice was stern but comforting, like a seasoned mother.
"You really need to get your temper in check" Secret muttered to herself, however was heard by Indigo and earning herself a glare from the larger Tark'ee. Secret averted her eyes.
"Alright everyone. There is no need for that, we are all allies here!" Bloodbeak smiled, though he also seemed stressed by Indigo's outburst. "Come, let us talk logistics." and he gestured back to the table, inviting Sunhalter and Novato to take a place.
Sunhalter moved to sit closer to the new aquatic allies as a strategy to place space between Ingido and Novato - she could tell that those two would not get along and did not wish to risk the alliance. Poppy appeared to have the same idea and sat next to Sunhalter with a knowing smile, forcing Indigo and Novato to be at opposite ends; unfortunately looking directly at one another with a scowl.

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Beaneth the Ocean in a secret base, Bloodbeak introduces Novato and Sunhalter to a range of new allies, or prospective allies. Unfortunately Novato and Indigo seem to instantly dislike one another.

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