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This is basically the illustrated version of a conversation that takes place in my Friends literature piece, though the sketches for these technically came long before the full story and have been sitting around for 6+ months waiting for me to finish them.  (And, as you may notice, most certainly have some Hamilton inspiration...)

Technically speaking, the illustrations are the conversation where Avenance (my starter colonist and the leader of my colony) asked his old whelphhood friend to come to his new tribe/colony with him to help him lead it.

XP Gained:

Per Bust:

+1 Base

+2 Colored

For Avenance: 3 Busts * 3 XP = 9

For Hasif: 3 Busts * 3 XP + 1 XP (Prime Friend) = 10

Grand Total: 10 XP for Hasif and 9 XP for Avenance

Research Points: 47 Earned
     +19 Base (See Level Breakdown)
     *2 Research+
     +9 Avenance 0074 Benefit of Age

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