The tsabhua bull made his way over the familiar lands, a place he hadn't thought he'd ever be coming back to again. Of course, those he'd run into so far had simply smiled and given him a wave. They didn't know him enough to wonder why he was back - or really care, unless he was planning to return to the tribe.

Which he wasn't. In fact, he hoped to leave with an old friend.

He'd left roughly two years ago to begin his own tribe - which was technically a colony under that DPIP thing, but he had yet to even talk to the so called researcher that had set up in the area in her big metal building. So far, he hadn't actually added anyone to the tribe and - to state it plainly - he was quite tired of being alone.

"Ave? Ave is that you?!" He turned his head at the familiar voice, grinning suddenly as he was shaken from hsi thoughts - the brick tsabhua rushing towards him.

"Hasif! Just the tsabhua I was looking for." He greeted his oldest friend warmly.

They'd grown up together, the best of friends. Avenance actually regretted they hadn't spoken in so long.

"Oh? Really now? What brings you back here?" There's a flicker of worry, "Did something happen to your tribe?"

Avenance chuckled, "It hasn't really started yet." He admitted, "Though I do have a pretty good set up."

Hasif tilted his head. The other bull had turned down leaving with Avenance - wanting to continue studying healing while his friend left to pursue his dreams of founding his own tribe. "Then, you came here looking for me? Quite literally?"

The lavender-tinted bull smiled and nodded, "Yes. But, before any of that, how have you been?"

"Good. You?" It was clear Hasif was far less interested in the pleasantries than Avenance was.

"I've been good."

"Now that's out of the way. So, let's get down to business shall we?" Hasif's lips twitched with a growing smile as a nervous look fell over Avenance's face.

"I know it's a lot to ask," He started with a frown.

"When do we leave?" Hasif tried to ask, but Avenance didn't even seem to notice as he swept on.

"To leave behind the world you know." The only home he'd ever known. Born and raised... Hasif knew nothing but this place, and leaving was asking a lot. Avenance knew that, as he let his gaze trail skyward with a nervous sigh.

Hasif rolled his eyes, stepping closer as he lowered his head with a growing smile, "Do you want me to come or not?" He asked seriously.

"Yes." The answer came without hesitation, a frown still evident on the speakers face.

"Let's go." The healer stated simply, raising his head with a satisfied smile.

Not much more was spoken as the two turned and headed back for Avenance's home. It went without saying that his best friend would be the second-in-command (well, at least in the case that Avenance never took a mate - and even then he'd be third-in-command).

Despite caring for all of their needs alone, it was natural for the two of them. They'd grown up together, the only whelps their age - which formed a strong bond.

Hasif gave a little laugh as he looked around the tribe that Avenance had built, the place reminiscent in archetectural style of their original tribe - but different in small ways. An acknowledgement of where they came from, but a statement that they were their own tribe.

The brick tsabhua gave an appreciative nod as they finished the tour, turning back to his friend, "It's quite impressive. Especially if you've done this all on your own."

Which he had, as far as Hasif could tell. There was no sign of other tsabhuas - or even belemoids. The only other inhabitant seemed to be the jaebo that was following Avenance around - a loyal pet. Auretta, as Hasif was told her name was.

Certainly a friendly thing - considering she was a prey animal (who had no reservations about bouncing right up to Hasif to sniff him). Not that Hasif would try anything, with his best friend watching him with a smile as he called his jaebo back to his side.

Other than that, though, the place seemed normal - for a tribe with two members. Time was spent keeping the buildings in shape, and the brick bull would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the hunting and gathering trips he and his best friend turned leader frequently went on. Not to mention the herbs he managed to find, many of which he started growing in small amounts - namely the ones that were used frequently, for things such as coughs or scratches.

When Avenance came back one morning with two adolescents, the brick bull was surprised - but it was a silent and mutual agreement that the two does would have shelter - and were welcome to stay for as long as they wanted.

What Hasif wasn't expecting was how close Avenance grew to one of them and he laughed out loud one night as they were out stargazing when Avenance broke the quiet.

"I think I love her."

Hasif flashed his friend a grin. He'd never been in love, but he was certain his best friend was. "Oh, I know. But have you told her?"

A shy grin, "You think I should?"

"I think she's old enough to make her own decisions."

It was no secret Vi'el and her friend, Varuni, had a hard past - though neither had spoken of it much yet - but Hasif saw the way she looked at the tribe's leader. And their interactions were far different than any Vi'el had with her other three tribemates - so Hasif figured it was a safe bet.

The bull in question nodded, "Alright. I'll tell her tomorrow then."

That earned him a shoulder pat, "Well, then good luck. Don't go tripping over your own tongue and just be yourself."

Avenance's eyes widened as if stumbling over his confession hadn't been a concern before and Hasif walked away cackling. Oh yeah, he supported his friend all the way. And when an ecstatic lavender-tinted bull told him how well it went the next day, the brick bull would just grin and nod and be happy for them.

That was what friends did. They supported one another. They left home and wandered into the unknown to lead a tribe for one another. And yeah, Hasif was glad that Avenance had sought him out and asked him to come. He wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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Just a story on how Hasif ended up with my colony/tribe.  This has been rattling in my brain for ages so here it is.  Also going to eventually have some drawings to go with it, once I finally finish them - but I wanted to get this posted.  I also want to write out more about Avenance and Hasif's history and whelphood, so that'll be in the future too...

For now, enjoy this!  (And yes, the scene with Ave asking Hasif to join the tribe was orignally heavily inspired by Hamilton.  This scene was originally though up months ago and I just...  Had to keep the concept.)

Random Event Roll: Yes please!  For Hasif 0009 and Avenance 0074.

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