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Hello there, researchers! The Immigration Center requires some assistance in setting up image profiles for some of its whelps. We at DPIP thought we would outsource some of this manual labor-- er, important task, to the general public! Please read the attached information and apply below.

Imagi here! There's a bunch of immigration center genos with no designs, and I know there's some members of the community who love doing designs. So! To help clear the list, I'm putting up a few for people to work on! Each design nets you 10 RP.

- You may only claim 1 design. If you have finished the first one you claimed and a few days have passed with genos still available, I'll open a second round of claiming.
- All designs must be on either a transparent background or the Immigration Center BG, which can be found in the gallery.
- If edits must be made because the design is not within marking limits, you agree to do them.
- Finished designs can be uploaded to stash and posted here, or DMed to Imagi#6130

Geno List:
Geno 1: Leaf tinted silver female tsabhua with nyala and underbelly. (Claimed by: )
Geno 2: Greying salmon male tsabhua with nyala, point, sabino, underbelly, and mask. (Claimed by: )
Geno 3: Roan black male tsabhua with dun, impala, and point. (Claimed by: )
Geno 4: Russian male belemoid with dun, sabino, and stripe. (Claimed by: )
Geno 5: Onyx male belemoid with dun, sabino, stripe, and blanket. (Claimed by: )

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