Old legends in Rekes tell of a spirit being that often was seen in the secluded areas of the mountains. No one could ever get a closer look at the elusive being but travelers in distress often ended up finding a new path to travel or a much needed healing pack. Over time the benevolent being was named Kumos, for their white, almost shimmering, fur. Native tribes would leave fruits and berries as an offering and thanks.

Intrigued by these tales, the L'Hatzif bard Gwydion traveled to the mountains and began looking for Kumos. It would take very long for him to gain her trust and even then it was not him the albino deigned to show herself to for the first time, but rather one of his fellow colonists, Angus. Convincing Kumos to follow the two way from her current home and to the mushroomy swamps of L'Hatzif was no easy feat. It took a promise of giving her a space where she could hide and be forherself whenever she wanted or needed to.

For now she lives in a large mushroom a bit outside the main colony and only select members are allowed to enter. Kumos has again picked up her habit of helping the lost and weary.

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