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[C1.A1] First of Kalayo

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Una has been nursing a headache for a couple of days now.

That headache came in the form of his assigned researcher.

Everything went well, all things considered. Immigration wasn't a problem, but they had insisted on keeping their ship, which required a few days of negotiation between them and DPIP.

Truthfully the actual negotiation took an hour or so. It's just that... when the researcher arrived, they had to stay in orbit for a day because of something called “warp sickness”. And then, when they finally made contact, there was some disconnect with their translator software. However that happened, Una wasn't sure. Something about how different language conventions made for different expressions of the same coding logic. He didn't get it.

Time that could have been spent setting up already and acclimitizing and what not is instead spent sitting around waiting.

But it's fine, really. Una can be patient. Una IS patient.

Me, joining a new ARPG: oh boy, what if I try something new?
Me, two years later, finally finished working on a single sketch: The gods are punishing me for my hubris but at least I learned how to make glass surfaces look sorta wet (if nothing else)

It's been so long asdknadslk
pretend I just joined

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