I know this isn't a true lit piece...  But I like the division of the true description and the story bit:

So I've said a few times that Hasif and Avenance grew up together before Avenance left to form his own tribe (Onali), and he eventually returned to ask his best friend to join him - which Hasif did.

But I wanted to lay out more of their backstory - I just don't have the motivation to write it in an actual literature so I'm gonna lay it out here.

I originally recieved Hasif from Xione, however Xione isn't actually part of his in-character backstory.  I won't comment on the whelps he had prior to becoming one of my colonist's as I don't know their stories, and I personally don't want to make that call for someone else.

Without further ado, the story of Hasif and Avenance!

Hasif and Avenance were born in a (NPC) tribe of tsabhuas native to Mireh, as the only two whelps their age.  This automatically meant they were destined to either become best friends or lifelong rivals - and, with their friendly personalities and similar interests, they ended up taking the best friends route.  Both of them were interested in becoming healers, and started learning how to as soon as they could - alongwith the usual whelp games of course.

The biggest difference between them was that Avenance aspired to leave home and start his own tribe, while Hasif was happy just to be a healer.  This meant that, when they became adults, the two went their separate ways - Avenance leaving to start his tribe and Hasif staying with their tribe of origin, continuing his medicinal studies.

A couple of years passed and Avenance, having set up his tribe (and ended up as an official DPIP colony), returned to his tribe in search of his friend - hoping that this time he could persuade Hasif to leave with him.  It didn't take any true persuasion, however, as Hasif dearly missed his oldest friend and had basically completed his studies and was a full-fledged healer.  So the two best friends were reunited, now the leaders of Onali.

Whelphood Friends
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So yep, just going over my backstory for Avenance and Hasif!

XP Gained:


+1 Base

+2 Colored

+1 BG

+1 Accurate Region - Mireh


+2 Base

+3 Colored

+2 BG

+1 Prime Friend

+1 Accurate Region - Mireh

Grand Total: 9 XP for Hasif and 5 XP for Avenance

Research Points: 33 Earned
     +14 Base (See Level Breakdown)
     *2 Research+
     +5 Avenance 0074 Benefit of Age

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