Colony Information

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REBEL (Diamond Supporter)
LT08 Level Two
Thumbnail for Ezra the Broken Blade LT08
Forsworn Knight
Adult onyx male belemoid with countershading, blanket, and ember.
0225 Level Two
Thumbnail for Gwydion the Fair 0225
The First | Chief
Adult oat male tsabhua with nyala, underbelly, and mask.
Carries: Heartfire
0236 Level Two
Thumbnail for Faolain, Talon of Night 0236
Adult greying black female tsabhua with underbelly, choker, and viper.
0238 Level Two
Thumbnail for Liam Of Dusk and Dawn 0238
Snarky Healer
Adult russian male belemoid with dun, sabino, stripe, and blanket.
Carries: Artifice