Prompt: Pre-Automation Whelps

Swap your litter rolls into actual colonists!


Pre-Automation Whelp IMAGES

If you have a litter from before the automated reproduction system, please submit this to have your whelps turned into real colonists.

Until March 31st at 11:59 pm EST, you may use Shaman's Heart on pre-automation litters for any mutations. After then, they may only be used to grant Common mutations and instead Grandpa's Lessons must be used for Uncommon mutations.

You may do these for individual whelps in the pre-automation litters and the information will be documented as such.

Required Information

  • Individual images and whelp # for each whelp.
  • Include BOTH parents (without rewards)
  • Link to their Breeding Prompt
  • Include any research you're using in the text
  • Include any items you're using for any whelps as Submission add-ons.


No rewards.