Some species have genes that are exclusive to their species. Below, you can see the markings for each playable species and their ranges.

Tsabhua Exclusive Markings


Impala is a gene inspired by the African Impala on Terra. It is a cape of dark fur on the back of a tsabhua, sometimes bordered on the bottom by an even darker stripe. It is always significantly darker than the base coat and, if in the presence of the Blanket or Saddle genes, will be beneath them. When the dark stripe is present and clearly part of the Impala gene, the cape portion that touches the spine can be close to the base coat colour.




Imp Imp or Imp imp - Impala.
imp imp - Not present.


Truespots or truespot is a recessive gene wherein a tsabhua whelp's spots do not fade with age, instead remaining through to adulthood. The spots are often fairly circular or ovalesque in shape and are always darker than the base coat and whatever markings they're in, although they can fade into some darker markings like Points. Truespots are never found along the spine, marking them as different from marozi, which is a universal gene which often has rosette spots. While truespot does allow some rosette spots, it does not allow for the different tone within the spot, meaning the spots must be solid.

Truespots can be lightly blurred so long as it is paired with some hard edges. Oftentimes they fade into the coat below as they approach the spine or borders of their range. Truespot is also one of the few genes that can be faintly visible through white spotting genes!




ts ts - Truespot.
Ts ts - Carried.
Ts Ts - Not present.

Belemoid Exclusive Markings


The badger marking is a belemoid exclusive marking that leaves pale or white stripes down the sides and back of the neck and onto the body. It should not be broken up but can be thinner in display than the example. It is not affected by ticking.




Bg Bg or Bg bg - Badger.
bg bg - Not present.

Irish Complex

The Irish Complex is a set of two white-spotting markings that cover the rest of the coat.

Irish Spotting

Irish Spotting covers significantly less coat than Seychellois. It is a specific area of white, similar to minimal white or underbelly but expansive in a different range. It should always be from the white range.


Range and Example

Is Is | Is Is - Irish Spotting


Seychellois is an adaption of appaloosa in which the white spotting covers the majority of the body except for the tail and portions of the face and the entirity of the ears. Seychellois is an adaption of the Piebald gene where there is a lot of white but it is absent on the entirety of the tail and portions of the face. As a White Spotting gene, this covers all other markings.


Range and Example

Sy Sy |Sy sy | Sy is - Seychellois